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Artisanally brewed in Amsterdam since 2011

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Combining influences from the rich European beer culture with a non-conformist attitude



From a family heritage of Swedish farm brewers and trained by the masters of ale and porter in England, we ended up in the Netherlands to create our own microcosm in the world of beer

From ears to tongues to tails

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Introducing Butcher’s Tears - brewed over open flame in the shadows of Amsterdam.

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Who we are, what we do, & why we do it.

Inspired by the lesser known sides of European brewing culture and devoted to uncommon artisanal techniques, Butcher's Tears makes distinctive beers that progress beyond fashion and convention.

 Top fermented in open vessels

We use the old-school practice of cultivating our own yeast within the brewery, by harvesting a fresh crop from one batch of beer and adding it to the next in a continous cycle.


We are consequently not making "wild" beer but the process is likewise not fully controlled such as when using common laboratory grown yeast. Instead we put our trust in the natural behaviour and eccentricities of our culture, which through this method gives the beer a distinctive character of its own.


The fermentation is carried out in open vessels, which is a rare practice nowadays. This allows the yeast to work under more natural conditions and produce a greater depth of flavour - imparting a "bouquet" so to speak.

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Our taproom and terrace are open and we’re LOOKING FORWARD to serve you a few beers! The Kiosk offers bottles and cans for take-away.

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Karperweg 45

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