r Butcher’s Tears is a small brewery located on a canal side in Amsterdam-Zuid, set up by pilgrims from the north lands as a base port for voyages on the seven foaming seas of gold. Now opening the tasting room/proeflokaal, a haven to clear your senses from the blur​.

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List of Upcoming Events.

APRIL 25 De Appel/Rijksakademie After-Party
w/ Malawi, DJ Falafel & Afrobot
10pm – Rijksakademie, Amsterdam

Black Sunday
celebrating the witches' sabbath
at the Proeflokaal, Amsterdam

at the Proeflokaal, Amsterdam

M 10
Nieuwe Tijd voor de Oude Kerk
• 12 hours of art in the church, beers provided by Butcher's Tears •
The oldest building of Amsterdam is transforming into a space for contemporary culture. In the run-up to its new programming the Oude Kerk invites you to also reshape its future. On Saturday, May 10th the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam is a mouthpiece for scientists, artists, architects, musicians, and cultural initiatives in the city. How they see the future of the Oude Kerk? And what do you want to see emerge in the Oude Kerk?
During a twelve-hour manifestation we’ll explore the future of the Oude Kerk. Each hour, a different artist, speaker or initiative is invited to add contemporary culture to the building. Together we’ll investigate time and space within the church. Come by and experience a new time with talks, live music and performances from noon until midnight all over the church.

12.00 Zeno van den Broek & Tim Hollander, Diagram for Pulse Interval
13.00 Matthias Havinga & Jacob Lekkerkerker, Bach Delirium
14.00 Oude Kerk feat. Penny University
15.00 Rietveld Academie, designLAB, Tracking Traces
16.00 Perrine Bailleux, Supreme Impression of Eternity
17.00 Future Talks, with a.o. Jacqueline Grandjean, directeur Oude Kerk
18.00 Live browser-based performances
19.00 Amstel 41 presents Daniel Jacoby
20.00 kunstenaars initiatief beyoncé presents jongens van de wereld
21.00 Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ: The Rest is Noise
22.00 Manolis Tsipos & Jeroen de Graaf, Afterparty
23.00 Red Light Radio presents Decay Music Outside The Mastership with Orpheu The Wizard!
+ beers provided by Butcher’s Tears
Tickets: €10 (Museumkaart €2,50 / Students and CJP €7,50)
Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

Club4Reel warm-up
Amon Düde (fin)
Paep & Pudding (be/nl)
7pm – 10pm

M17 DJ Garlic in Vagina and Rararah
7pm –9pm

M 18 Alex Peringer
As the final event in the Composers' Festival Amsterdam, Alex Peringer presents a variety of original electronic and acoustic music in collaboration with friends and colleagues from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.
– at the Proeflokaal, Amsterdam

M 31 Damenkapelle
DAMENKAPELLE are not a boygroup and they do not play reggae (only sometimes when the lunstrio is in town). DAMENKAPELLE is an original Rock and Roll group from now and their songs are brief, to the point and every one a potential hit single.
The eightette consists of Frl. Milano, die Peitschenfrau (whiplady), Eat It, Spandex, Antenne Danger, St. Anger, Sandra and their secretary Fräulein Jablonski.
Danger, the keyboarder, plays with such a force that their sound has been compared to a hundred howitzers going off. Frl. Milano, St. Anger, Eat It and the Peitschenfrau, the lead singers and percussionists, are arch villains whose lanky, lean and luscious frames stand threatening center stage. Spandex is Bass guitar and the acknowledged beauty of the group and Sandra is the drummer whose pulsating playing launches the throbbing sound of the band.
DAMENKAPELLE all originate from Munich and kids who grow up there either become musicians, degenerates or dentists. DAMENKAPELLE are a little of each. Their sound is not unlike a fast drill on a rear molar.
– at the Proeflokaal, Amsterdam

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