‘BT’s HELLO YOU BOX’ — Mixed (15x33cl)


An easy get-to-know with our regular, common and sessionable beers.

4x Green Cap (European Pale Ale, 6%)
2x Animal Space
(White Saison, 5.2%)
2x Skydweller
(Light, crisp Pale Ale, 4.2%)
2x Hit Parade
(IPA, 5.5%)
2x Night Creature (Ruby Rye Ale, 6.4%)
1x Smoke & Mirrors (Triple Hop Farmhouse Ale, 8.5%)
1x Headroom
(Double Brown Stout, 7.5%)
1x Lipreader (Scandinavian Farmhouse Ale/Smoky Juniper Ale, 7%)