‘BT’s DAILY LIFE’ — Mixed (20x33cl)


A taste of lots. Regular daily lunch beers, farmhouse ales, curious taste experiments and roasty Stouts with flavour references all over Europe.

3x Green Cap (European Pale Ale, 6%)
3x De Fluiter (Beirisch/Bavarian Lagerbier, 5.1%)
2x Animal Space (White Saison, 5.2%)
2x Skydweller (Light, crisp Pale Ale, 4.2%)
2x Hit Parade
(IPA, 5.5%)
2x Ex Voto (Nun’s Ale, 9%)
2x Pale Fire Extra (DDH Multigrain Strong Ale, 8.4%)
2x Lost Property Ale  (10-year Anniversary Pale Ale, 6%)
2x Ekstra Spesiell (Oak-smoked Raw Ale fermented on wood, 5.3%)