List of Upcoming Events.

APR 17
Queer Poems and Sounds
Poets Edie Roberts and Chelsea Tadeyeske from the states join haunting acoustic band Sweet Joe Pye for an evening of performances.
- in Back hall; 20h Suggested donation of 5-7 Euro

APR 18
End of The Road Cinema - TABOO
1980, Directed by Kirdy Stevens
One of the key porn films from the 70s, when they still had stories. This one is about a bored housewife who tries out some orgies, but then stumbles into something really wild. It was such a hit it spawned 22 sequels.
VI butch
- in Backhall; 20.30h

APR 18
MARTYRDÖD (swe) — Våld
Sibille Attar
Line-up goes like this: the night starts off with special guest Peter Zincken (FCKNBSTRDS), then Våld (vemod, ångest, längtan, död) and last band on stage; Martyrdöd (crust). At some point club ODD starts it's shot bar and finally DJ SL'OCCII close up shop.
pre — €8
door — €10
- at the garage; 22pm-02am

APR 27
Sibille Attar
World premiere of videowork by Ekta and Allt Nu to Sibille Attar's song Paloma
- in the Bar; 20h

APR 27
BT's Franconian Anstich Fest - #2
BT's Franconian Anstich Fest #2 KING FOR A DAY, FOOL FOR A LIFETIME
Traditions, for this year we're breaking one. We immensely enjoyed the first Franconian Anstich Fest and thankfully there is so much more to discover. Therefore we're seizing Koningsdag to host a second Franconian Anstich Fest in honour of this great European brewing culture!
Expect different breweries and excellent beers. Some huge surprises to come!
Join us for a relaxed Saturday afternoon outside of Amsterdams orange frenzy. Great conversations with Seidlas and Sauerkraut.

MAY 11
Noiserr is an interdisciplinary reading and research group hosted at Butcher’s Tears since April 2017, which explores noise through a deconstructed reading format. In the collaboration with Regenerative Feedback, Noiserr is investigating themes in relation to the emancipatory potential of listening.
- in side room; 16h

MAY 16
End of The Road Cinema - Andy Warhol's HEAT
1972, Directed by Paul Morrissey
Welcome to Hollywood, a sleazy world of wannabes and ruthless competition. This Warhol-produced remake of Sunset Boulevard stars Joe Dallesandro as a hustler who targets an aging starlet for cash. Perfect film about dysfunctional glamor and the American dream.
Music by John Cale.
VI butch
- in Backhall; 20.30h

JUN 20
End of The Road Cinema - A SAFE PLACE
1971, Directed by Henry Jaglom
VI butch
This free-floating 70s flick is about a young woman (Tuesday Weld) who is struggling to break on through to the other side. It's partly about a dead-end reality vs. magic. A dreamy, emotional, experimental, intuitive movie with Jack Nicholson and Orson Welles.
- in Backhall; 20.30h


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