List of Upcoming Events.

MAR 21
End of The Road Cinema - BED SITTING ROOM
1969, Directed by Richard Lester
An absurdist black comedy set in post-nuclear-holocaust England, about a handful of characters who struggle to carry on with their lives in the ruins of mud fields, piles of broken crockery, dentures and old boots.
VI butch
- in Backhall; 20.30h

MAR 22
Odd presents The Enlaced Golden Drumsticks Tour 2019
- in Odd; 21h 5 euros

MAR 23
Forbidden Wizards, Doorway Stabber & Fuckin' Pissed
Forbidden Wizards (Rotterdam) They make punk.
Doorway Stabber (Eindhoven/Lierop) The latest NBHC supergroup.
Fuckin' Pissed (Amsterdam) Pure sexyness from Damsko.
- in Backhall; 20.30h 7 euros

MAR 24
VI butch
Vital Idles for a conglomerate of art outsiders and aesthetes are primitive, whimsically brutal. Sculpting a skeleton from a body already lean, there's a thrilling minimalism that runs through every beat and strum. Playing their first shows in Glasgow in 2015 during a summer that never threatened to show up, Vital Idles' origins are closely tied with a tireless underground culture.
- in Backhall; 20h 7 euros

MAR 29
VI butch
The Odd with Snoop Cat ft, Sensei Dre & Jenny Lindblom
End of March, the butcher's tears ODD sees the invasion of Svepansk hip hop featuring Amsterdam mysterious resident Snoop Cat / made in China head phone seller Sensei Dre / featuring "700 words ain't describe my artistic practice" Jenminem. It will also be the opening day of "Disrupted Streaks and Spells" by Jenny Lindblom happening in the tap room up until April 12.
- in Odd; 21h

MAR 30
BT's Czech Pivo Fest
CZECH PIVO FEST Our second one-day celebration of Great European brewing cultures. This time: modern Czech. Expect some of the best Desitka, Svetly Lezak, Tmavy and Polotmavys currently being brewed.
10° - 11° - 12° - 13° - 14°
- at the taproom; 13h

MAR 30
Noiserr is an interdisciplinary reading and research group hosted at Butcher’s Tears since April 2017, which explores noise through a deconstructed reading format. In the collaboration with Regenerative Feedback, Noiserr is investigating themes in relation to the emancipatory potential of listening.
Also: 11/5
- at the taproom; 16h

Disco for kids age 4-6
Door 1 euro
- in the back hall; 14h-16h

APR 12
Trash Prom with The Exorcist GBG
Dance your feet away
Pre-sale tickets 5 euros. Door 7 euros
- in the garage; 23h

APR 18
End of The Road Cinema - TABOO
1980, Directed by Kirdy Stevens
One of the key porn films from the 70s, when they still had stories. This one is about a bored housewife who tries out some orgies, but then stumbles into something really wild. It was such a hit it spawned 22 sequels.
VI butch
- in Backhall; 20.30h

APR 27
Sibille Attar
World premiere of videowork by Ekta and Allt Nu to Sibille Attar's song Paloma
- in the Bar; 20h

MAY 16
End of The Road Cinema - Andy Warhol's HEAT
1972, Directed by Paul Morrissey
Welcome to Hollywood, a sleazy world of wannabes and ruthless competition. This Warhol-produced remake of Sunset Boulevard stars Joe Dallesandro as a hustler who targets an aging starlet for cash. Perfect film about dysfunctional glamor and the American dream.
Music by John Cale.
VI butch
- in Backhall; 20.30h

JUN 20
End of The Road Cinema - A SAFE PLACE
1971, Directed by Henry Jaglom
VI butch
This free-floating 70s flick is about a young woman (Tuesday Weld) who is struggling to break on through to the other side. It's partly about a dead-end reality vs. magic. A dreamy, emotional, experimental, intuitive movie with Jack Nicholson and Orson Welles.
- in Backhall; 20.30h


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