List of Upcoming Events.

MAY 19-21 Handgemacht - Frühlingsedition '17
Craft beer and street food festival
– at KulturBrauerei, Berlin

MAY 20 Noiserr [Session 2]
Noiserr is an interdisciplinary research group centered around explorations of Noise via deconstructed / exploded reading and listening sessions. Noiserr is an on-going exploration of Noise instantiated via theory- and practice-led investigative actions.More info here:
– at proeflokaal, 16:15-18:15

MAY 25 Native Self #8 w/ WA?STE, Ptwiggs, Wartone +++
WA?STE (LIVE) - • Ptwiggs - • Wartone -
– at proeflokaal, 21h-midnight

MAY 26 Know It All: Paola w/ Anna Maria & Greta A panel, performance and film screening with artists Paola Revenioti, Margaret Haines and AnnaMaria Pinaka at Georgia Sagri's HYLE gallery in Athens, conversing and acting out on the often quoted and sweeping role of art in/as politics, projections toward the notion of the common good, and a generalized overturn of familial relationships and other contracts. Artaud's short play Spurt of Blood will be loosely recited by the panel and audience, from ditzes to geniuses as the dirty song of union (or goodness?). The event will be live-streamed at Butcher's Tears.
– at the proeflokaal, 16h-21h

MAY 26 HEALING BASS 2: UP RISE DJ Shai Wan (NL) / DJ Gay-Lo (NL) / IllSyll (BE) + guest performer Ingrid Eel
– at the proeflokaal, 22h-02.30h

JUN 2 the Summer issue - Subbacultcha
"Sometimes a beautiful pink rose grows from the concrete. For our new, hot and steamy Summer Issue Release we've got a couple of beautiful pink roses: Jakuzi, LO-FI LE-VI and Karel. It'll be a night that defies one genre, switching fluidly from post-punk to synthpop to Lo-Fi R&B Pop. Don't be afraid to release some tears of joy while we take care of freeing the fresh magazine's. It's promising to be a hot and cozy night."
Free for Subbacultcha members • Non-members: €8
– at proeflokaal, 20h

JUN 9 anadolu ekspres
Turko-Dutch lobby entertainment. *** Ladies on Records (PL/TR) *** Osdorp Tapes *** D.J. Klapsalon *** Haylayf Dj Butcher’s Tears Amsterdam Giriş: € 5,55 (cash only)
– at proeflokaal, 2130h-0230h

– at the proeflokaal, 20h

JUN 11 ACHARIS (CA) + Délage and the Togetherness (NL)
XBTN/Goth horse records present The Acharis, Oakland duo with a debut album out called 'Lost in the Vortex' + Amsterdam's Délage and the Togetherness, classy dark stuff. A slow and raw dream grunge bunch sunday punch.
– at the proeflokaal, 22h

JUN 16-18 Sandberg End of Year Programme
– at the proeflokaal

JUN 21 hush moss (DE)
+ DJ Steve (obscure DIY, wonky riot grrrl-ish artpunk, postpunk and weird garage) and Wartone (caribbean melancholy).
– at proeflokaal, 17h-midnight

JUN 23 Sandra Walusimbi Nanteza
– at back hall, 18h

JUN 24 Tom Mooij-knip
Book launch
– at proeflokaal, 19h

JUN 25 Sloten Bier Festival
"Het is alweer bijna tijd voor de vierde editie van het halfjaarlijkse Sloten Bier Festival. Er staat weer een frisse lading brouwers klaar om je een zelfgebrouwen goudgele rakker(s) in te schenken. Bier drinken gaat niet op een lege maag, dus zullen er genoeg goede happen van ambachtelijke makers zijn. De manifestatie zal plaatsvinden op zondag 25 juni bij RADION. Het Sloten Bier Festival is gratis toegankelijk. Je kunt van tevoren een bierglas kopen, om vervolgens daarmee bij elke brouwerij de bieren te proeven én het verhaal achter het brouwsel te horen."
– at RADION, Louwesweg 1, 1066 EA Amsterdam, Netherlands, 14h-19h

> >>>> Pamphlets publication launch celebration >>>> w/ readings, performances, music, cake and cocktails .
– at proeflokaal, 18h-21h


Karperweg 45
1075LB Amsterdam